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Looking for the best energy deal for your business?

Small and medium sized businesses (SME's) now have a new and efficient way to compare power companies. Powerswitch has developed Australia's first 'Request for Pricing' (RFP) service. Powerswitch can provide you with the most competitive deals for your energy supply by requesting pricing from participating energy retailers on your behalf. These results will be provided in an easy to understand report and Powerswitch will assist you with impartial advice throughout the process.

For the first time in Australia, businesses can now easily compare business power prices from every participating retailer and make an informed decision to switch. Powerswitch’s aim is to find your business the best deal on electricity and improve your bottom line by reducing power bills.

Our tool is easy to use. There are three steps toward lower energy bills for your business.

Step One

  1. Complete the form on this page along with your contact details.
  2. A Powerswitch representative will contact you to discuss your needs before submitting your RFP.

Step Two

  1. We will invite all retailers to make an offer to supply your business.
  2. Retailers will then have 3 business days to tailor a pricing plan to suit your needs.

Step Three

  1. After 3 business days Powerswitch will send through a link to a results page showing pricing offers specific to your business.
  2. A Powerswitch representative will contact you to review these results and to select the best retailer for your needs.

Points to note:

  • The business power prices will be ranked from cheapest to more expensive. However, carefully read each energy retailers offers and T&Cs before you make your decision. Your Powerswitch representative will be available to provide in-depth and impartial assistance.
  • All retailers may not necessarily participate in your RFP due to inability to provide a competitive offer and so may not be included on your results page.
  • This tool does not cater for the comparison of prepay meters.
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    How does it work?

    If you want more information on the request for pricing and switching process, click the link below.

    How to switch electricity companies
  • Alinta Dodo EnergyAustralia LUMO Momentum Origin Red Energy Simply Energy

    Australia Energy Retailers

    Powerswitch enables the comparison of participating Australian energy companies. Find out more about each energy supplier to make an informed decision to switch by clicking the link below.

    View all Energy Retailers
  • Energy saving tips

    Energy Efficiency

    Improve your bottom line even more by adopting energy-efficient practices in your business. You will be surprised by the money you can shave off your bill. Check out the tips, products and resources below.

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Find the best energy retailer for your business!

Australian businesses can now join the residential revolution - finding the cheapest energy prices and switching with ease!

Powerswitch Business switching service is free. It's independent. And it’s easy. We will provide the legwork in saving you money on your energy bill.

Powerswitch's new online Request for Pricing (RFP) Tool is the first of its kind in Australia and will change the way small and medium enterprises compare and switch electricity suppliers. It applies an intuitive and simple tendering model to the complex Australia energy market - it's just like asking for a quote from every Powerswitch affiliated energy retailer in Australia, but easier! Comparing prices and switching improves competition in the electricity market and will significantly reduce the power bills of many Australian businesses. Your business could save thousands a year.

The new RFP tool makes it easy to compare and switch energy suppliers! Powerswitch has a single goal in mind for this tool - helping find a great electricity prices for commercial customers.

Many businesses believe they have little or no choice in their commercial energy supplier. There are however many choices open to Australian businesses! Fill in the request for pricing form above to discover what pricing options are available to your company. Retailers will deliver the offers within 14 days and you can select the energy retailer quote to fit your budget. Check out this page for more information about each electricity company and their terms and conditions.

We know how important the bottom line is to a business. Why spend more on something like energy without receiving any extra benefit for your business? Our request for pricing tool will enable you to find the a great energy supplier. In a mere few minutes you could complete the RFP form to see what options you have specific to your needs and area of operation. Give it a go now!

Our Request for Pricing (RFP) electricity comparison and switching service is completely free! We won't charge you even if you stumble upon a goldmine of cheaper energy.

Fill out the RFP form and start saving today. If you have any questions, please request a call-back and our energy specialists will be happy to help you through the process.

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